The Inquisitr’s Mission:

The Inquisitr aims to publish quality news articles and make them accessible to readers worldwide, while providing the best possible quality and experience to those seeking useful and timely news information. Our ability to achieve those goals depends on covering recent events, providing original content, and offering our visitors accountability and readability. We believe that meeting the aforementioned points will attract visitors to read the articles, satisfying their need for quality information and inspiring them to share the articles with other readers who might benefit from quality and timely news information.

The Inquisitr focuses on the following four most important aspects when publishing articles:

  • Freshness of information.
  • Diversity of information.
  • Richness of information.
  • Originality of information.

All of Inquisitr’s articles are reviewed and edited continuously by a panel of editors, in an effort to maintain the highest possible quality and best possible experience for our readers.

The Inquisitr’s Contributors:

All of the Inquisitr‘s contributors are independent journalists and writers who are considered sub-contractors. While the Inquisitr’s contributors are not considered employees, and their opinions do not reflect that of the Inquisitr’s management and editorial teams, their voices as individuals are valued and they are an important part of the organization’s well-defined culture and policies. All of the Inquisitr‘s contributors are bound by a clearly-defined set of rules and policies regarding their work. Every contributor is also required to be in constant contact with the editorial and management team through multiple communication platforms such as Skype and email. The Inquisitr‘s contributors are committed, alongside the platform, to delivering timely, quality and accurate news information.

The Inquisitr’s goal is to reward contributors with fair and competitive compensation for bringing quality and timely news information to readers worldwide, based on a pay system that offers a greater income potential and the opportunity to build a long term career.

All of the Inquisitr’s contributors have gone through a rigorous vetting process before being accepted to publish on the Inquisitr, which includes the following:

  • Passing the Inquisitr’s grammar and general knowledge test with a satisfactory score.
  • Submitting original samples of writing to be evaluated and approved by a panel of senior editors.
  • Passing the Inquisitr’s handbook test with an exceptionally high score, which includes AP style, along with rules and policies of the platform.

All contributors who are accepted to write on the Inquisitr’s platform must undergo an internship period that limits the number of articles they can publish, while getting familiar with the staff and adapting to the platform and the Inquisitr’s standards.

All contributors are evaluated, and their articles graded, on a regular basis in an effort to maintain high quality standards. Quality audits are performed regularly to evaluate each contributors’s writing and abilities.

Accountability and transparency are two important traits the Inquisitr values. In keeping with these values, all contributors must have a full bio, a clear photo, and links to their social media accounts. There are two ways to access each contributor’s profile on the Inquisitr:

  • On mobile, click the contributor’s name at the top of each article.
  • On desktop, scroll down on the page, past the article, and find the “Author” box that contains the photo and name of the contributor, then click the contributor’s name.

The Inquisitr’s Contact Information:

Accountability and transparency are two ideals the Inquisitr values highly. Below you will find important contact information.

The Inquisitr’s address and phone number:

  • Inquisitr, LTD.
  • 410 S Ware Blvd
  • Tampa, FL, 33619
  • (858) 939-9237 (please email editor@inquisitr.com with important content issues)

For general inquiries, feedback and news tips, send an email to Editor@inquisitr.com

To reach the management team (eg. concerns about a specific contributor), send an email to Operations@inquisitr.com

For technical issues, send an email to Technical@inquisitr.com

For copyright and legal concerns, send an email to Legal@inquisitr.com

The Inquisitr’s main Facebook account’s link is https://www.facebook.com/theinquisitr

The Inquisitr’s main Twitter account’s link is https://twitter.com/theinquisitr

“If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly.” (Thomas Sowell)