Maine Man Found Carrying Own Severed Arm After Workplace Accident

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Thousands of workplace accidents and injuries -- some fatal -- are recorded in the United States each year.

Some work-related accidents are so tragic and unusual that they occupy national headlines for days. One such accident recently took place in a Maine town called Lewiston.

On Friday, according to multiple reports, a young man lost his arm in an apparent workplace accident on Lewiston's Park Street -- and was then seen walking down the street, carrying his own severed arm.

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As reported by the Lewiston Sun Journal, witnesses saw a young man stumbling along Maple Street around 9 a.m. that day.

The man was carrying his severed arm -- it had been cut off near the shoulder, the witnesses said.

Fortunately for the man, public work crews who happened to be in the area stopped and helped him, and then called rescue crews and police.

The public crew workers applied a tourniquet while waiting for medics. This "probably saved" the man's life, according to to Lewiston police Lt. Derek St. Laurent.

'Divine Intervention'

NEWS CENTER Maine | YouTube

Director of Lewiston Public Works Mary Ann Brenchick said in a statement that the two public crew workers who rescued the man, Cam Bernard and Bob Olsen, are both trained in the use of tourniquets.

"It had to be divine intervention, because two of my best guys just happened to be there sanding sidewalks. It couldn’t have been better guys for this kind of situation. I really hope it made a difference for that guy," Brenchick said.

The victim survived, but it remains unclear if doctors will be able to reattach his arm.


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The victim has not yet been identified, but additional information about him and the tragic accident has emerged.

Witnesses reportedly said that the victim lost his arm in some kind of an accident with a band saw at a local merchandise store. Additionally, local police officers were allegedly able to follow a blood trail back to that store -- AK Market, at 280 Park Street in Lewiston.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been called to assist in the investigation, per the Lewiston Sun Journal.


The story went viral on social media sites, including Twitter, where many wondered what really happened that day, and what led to the accident.

"Anyone who has ever seen a band saw has a lot more questions about how someone managed to cut off their own arm with one, at the shoulder," one person wrote.

"Gotta believe it was some big industrial job, and he lost his mind for a second and reached past the blade to retrieve a cutoff or something. Anyway, that's a definitely a hard yikes," another one chimed in.

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