Simone Biles And Jonathan Owens Twin In Blue For Date Night

Simone Biles | Instagram


Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles is living her best life with her American football player, beau Jonathan Owens. These two, who’ve been going strong for about two years now, couldn’t be clearer about their affections. They give the saying, “you’re never too busy for the ones you love” life as they make time for themselves despite their tight schedules.

Scroll to see the couple in matching outfits.

Twinning On The Gram

Jonathan Owens | Instagram

Simone shared pictures of herself and boo getting ready for date night in matching outfits on her Instagram feed. The couple kept it simple and sweet, wearing variants of blue and black outfits to complement each other. While Jonathan, 26, wore a black-on-black t-shirt and jeans, with “Palm” in blue and “Angels, New York” in white, Simone, 24, chose a blue-on-black combo.

She wore black leather pants and a blue off-shoulder triple puff-sleeved crop top. She completed the look with minimal silver jewelry, black block heel sandals, and her natural black hair tied in a low ponytail.

Date Night

Jonathan Owens | Instagram

She captions the post “Date Night” with two hearts – black and blue – representing their chosen colors. In the cover photo, the pair look adoringly at each other – Simone up, Jonathan down – as they cozy up in a half-embrace.

Slide two is more “Me, Myself, and I,” as Simone shows off her full outfit while hiking her left leg up.

The couple sure loves their date nights and days as they go everywhere together (when they’re not working.)

Supportive Girlfriend

Jonathan Owens | Instagram

Simone Biles is vocal about supporting her boyfriend’s career, having achieved enviable heights as a gymnast. She shows her love and support, anywhere and anytime she deems fit, like outside the stadium on game day. “I’m so proud of you, watching you get your first NFL interception & fumble recovery was a dream! All the hard work is paying off & this is just the beginning! I love you @jowens_3,” she wrote.

She wore a sweatshirt with his jersey number and name boldly written on the back to emphasize her point further. Then she jumps to kiss him in full view of fans.

No 1 In Her Heart

Jonathan Owens | Instagram

Another day, another show of support. Simone wears number 36 with pride. Here, the number is boldly printed in front of her pink crop top, and she cheers proudly.

“Gameday,” she says, “#36 on the field but #1 in my heart.” Her lover appreciates the support, and he leaves a single heart and fingers crossed sign under her post.