Tom Brady Fulfills 10-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Lifelong Dream

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Throughout the years, athletes have made a positive impact on millions of lives.

They reach out to less-favored communities, try to help out those you often struggle to get by and are always looking to give back to the fans that made them the superstars they are.

Notably, that's always been the case with Tom Brady, who; besides being one of the greatest NFL players of all time, has also made a name for himself for his giving nature and his closeness to fans.

Boy Says Brady Helped Him Beat Brain Cancer

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That generosity and human spirit were at the full display when the Bucs faced off with the Chicago Bears this season.

Brady spotted a young man holding up a sign that read "Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer" and reached out to him to give him his hat after the win.

Needless to say, that made the young fans' day and created a memory that'll last for a lifetime, but the seven-time Super Bowl champion still wasn't satisfied with that small gesture.

Brady Hooks Up 10-Year-Old Cancer Survivor With Super Bowl LVI Tickets

Notably, the Bucs QB had another big gesture with his no. 1 fan, hooking up him and his family with Super Bowl tickets for this year’s game at SoFi Stadium:

"Hey Noah, what's up man? Happy new year! I know it's been a while. I hope you've been enjoying the season so far. We're grinding, getting ready to start the playoffs. But earlier you held up that sign that I helped you beat brain cancer. Well, listen, your fight - you've inspired so many people, including myself but millions of others also. The NFL and the Bucs look forward to sending deserving fans to the Super Bowl each year and fans that have incredible stories like the one you've had. So, as a thank you, I worked with both the Bucs and the NFL to get you and your family Super Bowl tickets this year in LA! We certainly hope to be there but I know you're gonna be there. It's going to be really cool for all of us. So, glad to see you're doing well. Take care, man. Enjoy the tickets, let's go!" Brady said on a video.

Will The Bucs Reach The Super Bowl?

The young Bucs fan will be glad to be in attendance on the biggest game of the season, but the cherry on top of the sundae would be to watch his beloved team fight for another Vince Lombardi trophy.

For that, the Bucs would need to win their next two games, which will be easier said than done given how undermanned they are on both sides of the football right now.

Then again, if anyone can pull it off, that's Tom Brady.

Matthew Stafford Is Unfazed By Facing Off With Brady

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But first and foremost, the Bucs need to get past the Los Angeles Rams in next weekend's Divisional Round.

When asked about the clash, Rams' Matthew Stafford shrugged off the pressure by claiming that it's not a one-on-one matchup:

“I’m not playing against him, you know one-on-one, but I understand that he’s a great player and he’s going to get his team in the end zone so I’ve got to do my part as well,” Stafford said, as quoted by ClutchPoints.

Even so, facing off with one of the greatest of all time must add plenty of pressure for a Rams team that's on a Super Bowl or bust kind of mindset.