'Summer House' Star Ciara Miller Looks Back on Danielle Olivera Feud

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Ahead of Monday night's season six premiere of Summer House on Bravo, Ciara Miller looked back on the intense feud she was involved in with Danielle Olivera amid filming.

Following a drama-filled sneak peek trailer for the new episodes, which featured Miller and Olivera's fight, during which Olivera was covered in red wine amid a dinner party with their cast mates in the Hamptons, Miller spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet about the moments leading up to her encounter with her cast mate.

Ciara Miller And Lindsay Hubbard Were Involved In A Bit Of A Love Triangle With Austen Kroll

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According to Miller, things between her and Lindsay Hubbard had grown tense due to their involvement with Southern Charm's Austen Kroll and ultimately, she began to see red.

While Miller's issues started with Hubbard, Olivera stepped in, likely to defend her friend Hubbard, and quickly, things became ugly between them.

“Me and Lindsay did not have any issue after Vermont and going into the summer,” Miller explained. “There was no vocalized issue, at least. Until … I don’t know, somewhere, some time somewhere something changed."

Ciara Miller Didn't Initially Have An Issue With Danielle Olivera

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"But there was never a vocalized issue whether she had a problem with being like, you know, between her and Danielle or in her head. It was never expressed to me at any point in time. So there wouldn’t have been a course for correction on my part if I didn’t know that there was an issue,” Miller continued.

Looking back at the moment in which she threw a glass of wine at Olivera amid tensions with Hubbard, Miller admitted that she never really felt like there was an issue between her and Olivera.

Lindsay Hubbard Is Danielle Olivera's Best Friend

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"She wasn’t in Vermont. So really like the last time I had seen Danielle before we came to the house, was probably at the reunion,” Miller noted.

Instead, Miller's issue with Olivera arose due to her relationship with Hubbard, who is the closest person to Olivera on the cast.

“And that was like months prior, but there really is no real beef between us,” she said. “I don’t feel like [there is]. I mean, other than like, you know, yeah, if your best friend is fighting with someone, then you’re fighting with someone.”

Ciara Miller Was 'Seeing Red' Amid Her Drama With Danielle Olivera

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Miller also admitted during the interview that Olivera got the brunt of her feelings, even though they were aimed at Hubbard and the time she spent with her ex-flame Kroll.

“It happened so fast. Seeing the slow-mo of it. It was like very … it was bad,” she confessed. “It wasn’t great. But I don’t even remember it being like a two-motion thing. It just felt like it was all at once. And it’s just like, you know, screw you. And then I was seeing red. It was a dinner that I went into very hot. And then continued to get pissed off throughout it.”

To see more of Miller and Olivera, as well as their co-stars, don't miss new episodes of Summer House season six, which air on Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.