Alexandra Daddario Delivers A Modern Twist On ‘Portrait Of A Lady’

Chisom Ndianefo

Blue-eyed beauty Alexandra Daddario is the perfect muse - just ask celebrity photographer Storm Santos. Every time the two come together, they create magic and dazzle the actress’ 21.3 million Instagram followers. In the most recent Instagram post, the Baywatch actress transports us into the early 20th century when ladies wore frills and frocks. From her makeup to jewelry and hairstyle, the 35-year-old gives us modern-day twist on Victorian royalty style.

The High Neck Lace Collar

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Alex wears a black woolen knit sweater with a bold white lace frilly collar. Once you zoom into the post, you’ll see the intricate details in the knitwork combining multiple patterns into one masterpiece. The black is a midnight shade that serves as a perfect contrast to the white-collar. Unlike the knit sweater, her collar is made of lace designed with perforated circles in two layers on the outer hem. It’s also double-layered for extra drama, just like the Victorian Era frocks.

The Most Curious Accessories

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Alex wears an exciting piece of jewelry on her left ear (the only side we can see based on the picture’s angle.) The earring is a four-layered pearl drop design with size progressions (smallest to biggest) on each double layer. The first two pearls clip her inner earlobe a little above the usual spot while the second two drop from behind her piercing. The lace collar is so high we can hardly tell if there’s a neckpiece adorning her slender neck, even though we can sneak a peek from the angle. Assuming she’s not wearing any, it’s a perfect fashion decision because the collar does a good job framing her neck.

Hair And Makeup

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Can we get into the details of her hair and makeup? Alex elevated her look to the final level with her avant-garde makeup in such a simple outfit. She wore a glossy nude lip and centered the drama on her eyes instead. The shimmery black eyeshadow swoops in a cat-eye angle making her natural icy blue eyes pop.

Her rose-shade blush blends flawlessly into a shiny bronze highlight while she piles her natural brunette hair into e messy updo atop her head. As fabulous as the entire look is, we can’t overlook the expertise of Storm Santos behind the camera. He captures her face in a candid shot giving her a youthful, innocent look.

A Muse And Her Stylist

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Since taking on Serra Gerris as a stylist, Alex hasn’t missed fashion-wise once. From neutral-toned outfits to haute-couture in the garden, The White Lotus actress is killing it as a fashionista so much so Elle honored her as one of the Women in Hollywood in October last year. The stylist reposted her Victorian-style picture calling it Portrait Of A Lady.