Jordyn Woods Already Thriving In 2022 As She Flaunts Body In New Year Posts

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The New Year is definitely treating Jordyn Woods well, as the model flaunts her holiday gains in a sexy jumpsuit. This Instagram post comes in the middle of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal again. Recall that the Kardashians iced Jordyn out of their camp for fraternizing with Thompson in 2019.

Well, what do they say about Karma? Khloe and Tristan are doing the same dance again as he’s admitted to fathering Maralee Nichols’ child and cheating on Khloe AGAIN! On the other hand, Jordyn is thriving and living her best life with her NBA boo Karl Anthony Towns.

Khloe-Jordyn-Tristan Drama Revisited

In 2019, the internet was ablaze when news broke that longtime besties Kylie Jenner and Jordyn were breaking up because of an alleged hook-up with the former’s sister’s then-boyfriend Tristan Thompson. Although Jordyn admitted to a drunken kiss, she vehemently denied every other rumor, including alleged sexual intercourse with Thompson.

One would think the Kardashians would give her a chance to explain herself, considering her relationship with Kylie, but they didn’t. Instead, they locked her out of the home she shared with her then-bestie and harassed her online. In a recent Andy Cohen interview, Khloe said she thought Woods was “doing well in her personal life” though they don’t talk. Also, Woods cut communications with Kylie and focused on rebranding herself.


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Blessing In Disguise

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Although the situation was unfortunate, it helped Jordyn step out of Kylie’s shadow and into the spotlight. She’s no longer the fashion icon’s best friend (sidekick) but a budding model. While giving a tour of her new home on MTV cribs, Jordyn mentioned that only “God can Cancel” anyone.

Her statement referred to the cancel-culture in Hollywood where fans and the general public in consensus turn on a celebrity to punish them for wrongdoings. Canceled people don’t sell out shows, get business gigs, or appear at "IT" events. Recently, Dave Chappelle walked the thin cancellation line due to his outrageous comments on transgender people.

She’s Sexy, And She Knows It

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Jordyn lost a lot of baby fat in the right areas as she grew into womanhood, giving her an enviable figure-8 body. The 24-year-old knows how to turn heads with her figure-hugging outfits, which flaunt her heavy bosom and backside. She wears a form-fitting black mesh jumpsuit with cut-outs on her chest and ankles in her newest Instagram post.

Fans can see her silky smooth skin through the transparent sides of her outfit. She wears her hair in a long brown ponytail, and she holds a Balenciaga hourglass tote in her right hand.

Romance With Karl Anthony Towns

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On Christmas day, Jordyn woke up to a series of gifts from her beau Karl Anthony Towns comprising a brown-colored Porsche with rose gold trimmings and a Louis Vuitton cardigan. She thanked him in her caption for remembering her wish and delivering exactly what she wanted. Although she expressed sadness over her inability to spend Christmas with him for the second time since they started dating, she said his “presence was felt.”