Kendall Jenner Stays ABSolutely Stunning With This 11 Minutes Routine

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Chisom Ndianefo

There’s no doubt about Kendall Jenner’s fashion prowess as the 26-year-old gave us multiple statements on the Red Carpet and at home this year. She, however, always tussles for the center stage with a body part – Her Abs! Every time the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV star posts a picture for her 208 Million Instagram followers; the fans split their attention between her gorgeous face and insanely sculpted mid-riff.

Since it’s the holidays, we come bearing gifts and good news for you. We went through our archives and discovered the 11 minute routine that keeps Kendall Jenner’s abs tight and defined. Keep scrolling to learn the secret to the supermodel’s surreal physique.

Comfy Yoga Sets

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Kendall is no stranger to flaunting her abs on the Red Carpet and at formal events, but she proves in her Alo campaigns that applying pressure can be comfortable as well. The yoga sets hug her impressive figure in the right places, accentuating her curves and leaving her mid-section enviably bare.

Unlike some people with heavy fupas and rotund bellies, Jenner doesn’t hide behind baggy t-shirts and sweatshirts. The young entrepreneur pushes the envelope with her outfits showing off her abs at every chance she gets.

Abs So Flat You Can See It Through Her Clothes

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Kendall’s abs are so defined and flat that you can tell even in baggy outfits. The model fused business casual and street style into one dreamy neutral-toned look back in April. Stepping out in carton brown pants and double white t-shirts (one round neck tee and an oversized outer dress shirt,) she highlighted her belly with a black buckle belt.

The outfit sat beautifully on her statuesque body, and you can see the seamless transition from top to bottom in her mid-riff as the white tee lays flat against her belly. There’s no awkward bulge as Kenny walks comfortably, knowing any angle the camera catches would be divine.

Deuces And Drinks 818

While promoting her 818 Tequila brand in June, Jenner, 26, posed in a black-on-black ensemble adding a faux fur blue jacket for a color pop. If you’re wondering how she keeps her abs defined despite her insane schedule, the wait is over. The supermodel shared her secret on her website and app some years ago.

Although she disabled both, her wise nuggets remain valid today. Kendall Jenner uses a quick-result 11 minutes home workout to burn abs fat! The best part about the routine is there’s no routine, but how does that work?

Crunches On The Go

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“Sometimes when I’m watching TV, I think to myself, ‘I should be doing crunches and sit-ups right now,’ then I get off the couch and do it,” she wrote on her now-defunct web page. There is nothing like a smart conscience to kick you into action when you’re feeling lazy.

Five years on, it appears the simple 11-minutes abs workout still works wonders as Kendall flaunts ridiculously toned abs on the gram! Perhaps we’ll give it a go and see if we can give Kenny a run for her money in the modeling industry. (Just Kidding) Happy Holidays.