Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s Passion For Dancing Gets Serious

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When Shiloh Jolie-Pitt went Viral for dancing to Missy Elliot’s Get Ur Freak On, we thought that was a peak moment. Alas, the oldest biological Jolie-Pitt scion isn’t stopping anytime soon. The viral TikTok was only the tip of the Iceberg because Shiloh had been taking dancing lessons long before then.

Her high profile made her keep her nose mask on during rehearsals but that didn’t deter determined fans. One TikTok user zoomed in on her in a video of the class dancing to Jennifer Lopez’s Get Right. Although she was partially recognizable in her black hoodie and shorts, you couldn’t miss her long legs.

Dancing To Dj Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion And LISA From Blackpink

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Another video shows the young dancer flexing to DJ Snake’s new song. This time, Shiloh opted for a loose pink sweatpant and black hoodie. She tied her hair back to keep and kept her mask on (maybe she’s not hiding but observing Covid-19 protocols.) The fan who posted the video acknowledged that she was getting better at her dancing. This comes weeks after the first sneaky recording, and the angle is better because Shiloh is in front of the class.

Shiloh Loves K-Pop Too

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This one time, Shiloh deviates from religiously wearing her black Nike shoes as she slides to butter in black socks. She’s wearing all black including her biker shorts and t-shirt but doesn’t look like she’s feeling the routine.

Perhaps the recorder caught her at the end of the class because she looked tired in the video. The 15-year-old only had energy for the first part of the 15 seconds clip before getting up and slowly shuffling away.

Taking It Slow

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It appears Jolie-Pitt is also into the slow groove as she dances to Tinashe’s X. True to her Montenegro style (christened so by famous mom Angelina Jolie,) Shiloh wears a burgundy sweatpants, black sports bra, and grey jacket.

The lady really can move and her parents couldn’t be prouder. Though she’s taking a different entertainment route unlike her actor parents, Brad Pitt and Angelina support her passion.

Proud Parents

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Shiloh's celebrity parents support her passion for dancing. Her mother, Angelina Jolie, mentioned several times that she nurtures her children's individual interests, rather than impose her will on them. As for Brad Pitt, he loves that Shiloh's trying out new things and expressing herself how she deems fit.

InTouch Weekly reported that Brad trusts "Angie's decision" regarding their kids despite their drawn out custody battle. Like a good parent, he worries about the effects of Hollywood in the long run but he's optimistic.