Chanel West Coast Drops Her First NFT

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Alexandra Lozovschi

In case you somehow missed it, Chanel West Coast has dropped her first NFT -- and no, it wasn't about her "fire" bikini shots either.

The 33-year-old rapper's NFT debut was all about her music and came as a result of partnering up with reputed producer Timbaland (Missy Elliott, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Ludacris, Bubba Sparxxx, Madonna, Rihanna). For those still unclear what a NFT is, The Inquisitr explains everything about the digital non-fungible tokens here.

Chanel was so excited about the NFT release that she's preparing a second one super soon. Scroll down for details.

Working With Timbaland

Chanel's first NFT came out early last month and was part of Timbaland’s NFT Producer Mix Series, which the 49-year-old Shock Value artist released November 2 in collaboration with Monegraph.

Built around tracks from Timbaland's Opera Noir EP, which were split into individual elements including beats, hooks, and stems, the collectibles were auctioned off individually as Ethereum NFTs, with the auction still ongoing.

The project also involves an upcoming mixing web app slated for mid-December, which will allow buyers to mix and match the musical NFTs they've collected and create their own jams, per The Coin.

'It Was Dope!'

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Super stoked about the whole thing, Chanel described her foray into the world of NFTs as "amazing" in a recent interview. Although her TV job prevented her from attending the November 2 release, the musician and MTV host said working with Timbaland was "dope."

"Unfortunately, I wasn’t there because I had to film Ridiculousness, but I was seeing all the pictures, videos, and stories," Chanel told ONE37pm. "We worked with Timbaland on the project, and it was dope!"

Giving a little insight into how her NFT was created, Chanel said it was similar to "putting together a music video."

"You tell them what kind of design you want in terms of your NFT and they execute all of your creative ideas and vision!" she shared.

Changing The Music Industry

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Chanel, whose real name is Chelsea Chanel Dudley, also talked about how NFTs are changing the music industry and how it's her job as an artist to "stay on top" of the latest tech advancements.

"I think it’s really important because as an artist you always have to be learning new things," she said. "A lot of us are old school and just about the music, but we now have all of the amazing stuff in addition to music like art, fashion, and tech that go hand-in-hand."

Chanel, who's also a successful entrepreneur and has her own clothing line, LOL Cartel, added: "You have to stay on top of all those things when it comes to the music industry."

Second NFT Dropping Soon

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It seems Chanel has no trouble keeping up -- she's already planning her second NFT release, and it's going to be something that fans haven't heard before.

"I’m going to be dropping a new NFT at the top of 2022, and it’s going to be a new single with some surprise collaborations including Justin Love," shared the America's Sweetheart artist.

Chanel further teased: "I’m really excited about this because we’re going to have a music video to go along with the single on New Year's Eve."

Make sure you stay tuned for Chanel's new music vid!