Zendaya Stuns Showing Off Baggy Valentino Jeans Gains

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Rebecca Cukier

Vogue is saying Zendaya's baggy Valentino jeans are "fit for a party," and the iconic magazine kinda has a point. The actress and singer has been busy shouting out luxury Italian label Valentino in a new Instagram video, one seeing her up the celebrity-adored brand's profile as rival labels Versace and Gucci continue to dominate.

Zendaya made headlines in 2020 for partnering up with Valentino in a promotional capacity, with 2021 seeing her continue her campaign edge. Check out the video below.

Skinny Jeans Are Out

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While bootcut jeans do seem to be making a comeback, Zendaya was clearly embracing gen z's current shading of the skinny jeans trend - if you're trying to flog yours on Depop, good luck.

The 25-year-old former Disney star appeared on HBO Max face Law Roach's Instagram this week, showing off a skimpy and floral-embellished cream shirt that was beyond chic - she paired it with wide-legged and light Valentino jeans, proudly announcing the brand when asked.

"Hey @zendaya 'what are you wearing," a caption read. More after the video.


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Of course, Maison Valentino was tagged, with the post gaining attention from supermodel Gigi Hadid - the 26-year-old former Victoria's Secret Angel wore: "Bahahaaaa love."

In 2020, and as Zendaya was cherry-picked to front Valentino, the prestigious fashion house stated: "The reason why we chose Zendaya as the new face for Valentino is because she perfectly embodies and represents what Valentino is and stands for, today. She is a powerful and fierce young woman that uses her talent and her work to express herself, her values and her generation as well.”

'Honored' To Join The Brand

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Meanwhile, Zendaya herself said: “I am honored to have been chosen as the face of Valentino," adding: "I’m so excited to begin this amazing collaboration with Pierpaolo and the entire Valentino family.”

2021 sees more celebrities than ever partnering up with high-end brands. Saint Laurent has snagged 25-year-old supermodel, Hailey Bieber (she also fronts Levi's jeans), with singer Miley Cyrus fronting Gucci's fragrances. Meanwhile, "Prisoner" hit-maker Dua Lipa has been snapped up by Italian label Versace, with Squid Game star HoYeon Jung fronting Louis Vuitton. More below.

Making It Known To The 'Gram

Zendaya boasts 110 million Instagram followers, with recent posts seeing her kitted out in Valentino and name-dropping the brand in her captions. "I know I’m late but just wanted to say thank you to my @maisonvalentino family for making my birthday in Venice so beautiful," she wrote to caption a minidress look in September.

Elsewhere, the star continues to make headlines for dating co-star Tom Holland and for her role on HBO series Euphoria. Her Spiderman movie kicks off on Decmber 17.