Rebel Wilson Is Done Dating For Now But Reveals Her Type

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Rebel Wilson is taking herself off the market for the time being. The Australian actress, 41, has been treating herself to a "Hot Girl Summer" following her February split from Jacob Busch, with the Pitch Perfect star going on a few dates these past couple of months.

However, the blond beauty, who's been serving up plenty of swimsuit heat on Instagram lately, has since decided to take a break from all that for a while and isn't interested in dating at this point.

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Hot Girl Summer

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Rebel is apparently taking a cue from the title of her movie, How To Be Single, and putting romance on the backburner as she continues to focus on herself and her weight loss journey.

The Olly partner and Tourism Fiji brand ambassador admitted that "Hot Girl Summer" wasn't really her thing, although it sounds like she did have a blast trying it out.

"I was doing a thing called 'Hot Girl Summer' — I heard about it in rap songs — and I was like, 'This sounds fun’. [But] it wasn't really me," she told People. I'm a bit more of a conservative girl, normally.

Off The Market

Now that she's done with "Hot Girl Summer," Rebel is considering embracing the single life, even though she hasn't given up on finding Mr. Right.

“[I] did date a few people over the summer and I had a really nice time," she said, adding: "I'm currently single and looking for the right person. So, we'll see.”

One thing's for certain: you won't find her on dating sites anymore, as the actress revealed she has taken down her profile.

"I got too much attention, so I'm not on anymore," Rebel said.

Going Old-School

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While seemingly put off by online dating, Rebel is still open to meeting people the old-fashioned way.

"My friends say certain cities are better to meet people than others. Like, for example, Aspen is a very good place. Now everyone is going to go to Aspen,” said the Isn't It Romantic? star.

FYI, Aspen is where Rebel and her brewery heir ex met in 2019, so there must be something there.

"If there's a good social event or something, [and] I feel like there might be interesting people there, I'll make the effort to go," Rebel explained. "But at the moment, I'm taking a break and just trying to see if it happens organically in real life or through friend setups or something."

Her Type

Rebel, who waited four months before jumping back into the dating pool out of "respect" for her former partner, might already have an idea of what she's looking for.

The actress told People she'd be interested in dating an NFL player, although it sounds like she still has some reserve.

"I mean, I love NFL players. Their brute strength and physicality? Awesome! But unfortunately, from my interactions, they're not the most faithful. So that's not good!" she said.

As for her dating experience over the summer, The Bachelorette star had this to say: "From every relationship, you learn stuff all about yourself and what you're looking for. I haven't quite met my match just yet, but here's hoping."