Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Received A Contract To Fight YouTuber Logan Paul In A Boxing Match

Mackenzie Jerks

According to Bleacher Report, boxing sensation Floyd Mayweather Jr., who had a career record of 50-0, has reportedly received a contract offer to compete against YouTuber Logan Paul in an exhibition boxing match.

TMZ reported that the contract details a duel occurring sometime later in the year. But as of right now, no one has officially signed anything. Although there have been rumors about Mayweather taking on Paul in the ring, the deal is far from being official, and Mayweather is reportedly leaning toward not signing the contract.

However, other sources have reported that a date has been officially set for the fight to occur. Another YouTuber, Keemstar, tweeted that a "boxing insider" had informed him the brawl was official and scheduled to happen in 2020.

"You know I can't say sh*t right now," he said.

Although it remains unclear to the public if the event will actually occur, many have expressed their feelings on what they believe the results will be.

"Logan Paul is fighting floyd Mayweather, prayers going up for Logan," professional boxer Ryan Garcia commented.

"you mean to tell me logan paul wants to box floyd mayweather and expects to win??" one person stated.

Paul's last competition was this past November against English YouTuber KSI, which Paul lost in a split-decision. The event drew an audience of millions from around the world. The final decision was quite controversial, in part because Paul was deducted two points for hitting KSI as he was falling down, according to BBC.

Although the former five-division world champion is retired, Mayweather has shown in the past that he will take on competitors if they are willing to offer him enough money.

Mayweather last fought professionally in 2017, after defeating UFC star Conor McGregor in a match. The legend also participated in an exhibition fight in 2018, dominating Japanese fighter Tenshin Nasukawa.

Some believe that Mayweather may participate in the competition due to the great deal of hype surrounding the event, which could bring in a sizable check for both fighters. Paul has 22.4 million YouTube subscribers, and Mayweather has 7.8 million followers on Twitter, which would make it quite easy to spread the word.

Even though Paul lost the last match he was involved in, he appeared to be optimistic about his next fight.

"I'm excited to hop back in the ring but win this time around," he said.