Mike Tyson Hints At Third Bout With Evander Holyfield

Ryan Aston

Former professional boxing champions Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield have drawn attention recently for posting training videos on Instagram, and both men have indicated that they are returning to the sport in some way, shape, or form. Now, Tyson says he and Holyfield could meet in the ring for a third bout to benefit charity.

During on appearance on TMZ Live, the 53-year-old Tyson stopped short of confirming anything was officially in the works, but expressed an eagerness to explore Tyson-Holyfield III and indicated that the fight would raise millions for people in need.

"Hey, listen, I'm just having fun, looking good, showing off my new bod. Anything is possible, you know, my ego is starting to get inflated, but we'll see," Tyson said.

"I don't know if me and Evander are ever going to get in the ring. That would be awesome for charity. Can you imagine, me and him going in the ring together -- arch-enemies, quote-unquote, so-to-say -- doing it for the humanity of people and people less fortunate than ourselves? What would that be like?"

The boxing legends share a storied history together inside the ring. Entering their first bout in 1996, Tyson held the WBA Heavyweight Title and owned a 45-1 record, with his only loss being the infamous setback at the hands of Buster Douglas nearly seven years earlier. However, Holyfield proved too much for "Iron Mike" to handle in the match, besting Tyson via an 11th-round TKO.

Two years later, the two squared off in a rematch that saw Tyson lose again, this time via a third-round DQ when he bit off a piece of Holyfield's ear. The "Bite Fight," as it has come to be known, remains one of the most notorious moments in boxing history.

These days, Tyson is much more calm and collected, however his temperament may change in short order if you speak badly about his family. As reported by The Inquisitr, he reportedly issued a pointed threat to Michael Blackson after the comedian uploaded a disrespectful meme about Tyson's daughter.