All Guests Will Need To Make Reservations To Visit Six Flags Theme Parks Upon Reopening

Danny Cox

Six Flags theme parks are among the many locations that have been closed for months due to the coronavirus pandemic. The popular vacation destinations are also ready to open their gates and welcome thrill-seekers once again, but things are going to be a bit different. Six Flags hasn't yet announced when they plan on reopening, but preparations are underway, and a new park entry reservation system will be in place.

With 26 parks in North America, Six Flags is hoping that some of its parks can soon reopen for visitors to enjoy them once again. The parks have been closed since the middle of March as have those of Universal, Walt Disney World, and others around the world.

The official website of Six Flags states guests won't be able to head up and visit the park as they please. A new guest reservation system is being put in place, which will be in the interest of guest safety, social distancing, and giving the best possible experience to those in the parks.

Six Flags will be limiting the capacity of all parks to keep within social distancing guidelines put forth by health officials. The capacity will be measured by the reservation system, which will require all guests to register the date and time they wish to go into a park.

"People used to be able to just buy a ticket and show up. Now it's going to require a little more advanced planning and effort. It's not optimal, but it is absolutely going to be worth it for the guest. It's about helping people feel good when they come to the parks so they can enjoy their day and not spend it worrying."

Parking at all Six Flags parks will also have to be paid in advance to have one less instance of up-close contact with others.

Once Six Flags has a reopening date in place, the final details of the new guest reservation system will likely be confirmed.