‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Willow Sees Her Opportunity, Major Heartbreak Coming

How close will Willow get to the baby she thinks is hers?

General Hospital stars on set.
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How close will Willow get to the baby she thinks is hers?

This week on General Hospital has school teacher Willow Tait having some touching moments with Michael Corinthos. They have both lost their sons in separate circumstances. Michael thinks his son Jonah died, while Willow gave up her baby for adoption right after she gave birth. They have both suffered losses, but the situation isn’t quite what it appears to be.

Michael’s son is very much alive being raised by Brad and Lucas after the baby switch between Nelle and Brad. The original baby Wiley, Willow’s child, is the one who died, but she thinks that he is alive and well living with a loving couple. On Wednesday’s General Hospital, she and Michael got closer than ever after they both confided in each other on their feelings of losing a child. She Knows Soaps teases that Willow and Chase will go out on another date on Friday, but that doesn’t mean that Michael isn’t far from her thoughts.

It does seem like the elementary teacher and the mobster’s son will be brought together because they share such a deep bond. However, there is Chase who is clearly smitten by Willow. This is another love triangle in the making. The baby switch is such a mess and will eventually lead to major heartbreak for Ms. Tait. She just found out on yesterday’s General Hospital that Michael is baby Wiley’s godfather. She already knows that she gave her baby up to Brad and Lucas to be adopted and raised by them, so she put two and two together during her chat with Michael.

Brad and Lucas are thrilled to be parents, but that won’t last much longer. Brad should have fessed up to Lucas when the baby he brought home, Willow’s child, died. But Nelle happened upon him with her healthy baby that night in the woods and made him an offer he decided that he couldn’t refuse. Now Willow thinks her baby is alive and has discovered a way to be near him. Her heart will be completely shattered into pieces once she finds out that her son didn’t survive.

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That leaves Michael who will be elated when the truth comes out that his godson is actually his baby. Brad will be in dire straits. Lucas has no idea what he did, so this looks like the end of these two.

For now, it looks like Willow will take advantage of her closeness with Michael to gain access to baby Wiley. What will grandpa Julian do when he finds out that she is seeing her son after all? He is heavily involved in this mess. However, he isn’t yet aware that Wiley is actually Michael’s son.

Once the truth is revealed, it will affect many people in Port Charles. Stay tuned to General Hospital in the coming weeks to see how it all plays out.