Derick Dillard Sits On Santa’s Lap In Old Video, Sparks Debate On Duggar’s Belief In Old St Nick

Derick Dillard looks just like his son Israel in a cute video.

Derick and Jill Dillard on a date.
Derick Dillard / Duggar Family Facebook

Derick Dillard looks just like his son Israel in a cute video.

Derick Dillard had a joyous Christmas with his family that not only includes opening gifts but also celebrating the birth of Jesus. In fact, the Duggars state that Jesus is the reason for the season for this festive holiday. There has been no mention of believing in Santa Claus or any of the kids paying a visit to Old St. Nick to tell him what they want for Christmas. That appears to be a no-no in their conservative Christian beliefs. Then why is Derick seen sitting on Santa’s lap in an old video that Jill Duggar posted?

The clip from 1993 was shared by Jill Duggar on her Instagram recently of her husband as a little boy telling Santa what he wants for Christmas. He appeared on TV, along with his brother Daniel Dillard, on a local news show years ago among a handful of other children who were anxious to see the red-suited man. Derick is seen grabbing the microphone and spilling to Santa exactly what he wants for Christmas. He mentions a truck and an airplane.

He took a little time thinking of other things that he wanted under the tree and was prompted by who is supposedly his dad in the background. You can hear him mention a fire truck. So, the little guy added that to his list as well, and that was it. Santa then asked what his dad wanted for Christmas.

The young Derick Dillard hesitated, then shrugged and said, “Oh, he don’t care. He doesn’t want nothing.”

That statement got quite a “bowl full of jelly” laugh out of Santa. Duggar fans loved watching Jill’s husband as a little kid. They were especially surprised as many thought that she was showing a video of their older son Israel. They remarked how much Israel looks and acts like his dad in the clip.

“Omg derick and Izzy are twins. Speech and all. This is great!!” one person wrote.

Others were critical of the whole Santa thing. They mentioned the fact that the Duggar family would never let their kids believe in Santa Claus. It appears that Derick grew up a bit differently when it comes to the big guy. This video sparked a debate on Jill’s timeline about whether it’s biblically appropriate to lie to your kids about Santa. One person made a statement that kids may not end up believing in Jesus if you lie to them about Santa.

Even if Jill’s family stays far away from the Santa story, it seems that she doesn’t have any problem sharing her husband’s fond childhood memories of letting the sleigh-riding fellow in on his short Christmas list. Despite the big debate on whether Christians should lie to their kids about jolly old St. Nick, Duggar fans were thrilled to see the cute as a button Derick Dillard in the Christmas video.