‘The Young And The Restless’ Shocker: Mal Young Out, Per ‘Highlight Hollywood’

Executive Producer and Head Writer Mal Young discuss Y&R's fall season.
Cliff Lipson / CBS

A shocking new report reveals some significant shakeups at The Young and the Restless, and they’re changes that fans have begged for during the past year of upheaval in Genoa City.

According to a report from Highlight Hollywood, head writer and executive producer Mal Young is out at Y&R. Recently, the show celebrated 30 years at No. 1, the Inquisitr reported. However, the source at HH said that show creators Bill and Lee Phillip Bell deserve all the credit for that milestone.

A source from Sony said, “After months of misogyny toward cast and crew and production executives as well, the fact that Mal is out is no surprise, and few are sorry to see him go. Les Moonves is unable to protect his favorite people over at CBS any longer, and more heads will roll.”

While fans will be thrilled to see Young release the reigns of the show after the turbulent year that saw Doug Davidson (Paul), Eileen Davidson (Ashley), Greg Rikaart (Kevin), Mishael Morgan (Hilary), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), and so many more beloved characters leave Genoa City, the new showrunner may not be the savior fans hope for.

The source said, “Yes, it’s great news that Mal [Young] is gone, but we are still dealing with untalented people in charge, who are doing nothing but playing games and looking out for family members and cronies. Seriously, they can’t make a good decision under any circumstances.”

Josh Griffin will return as the head writer, and the source claims it is because Sony’s Steve Kent gives positions to his “cronies.” Griffin and Kent go all the way back to college. However, even Kent may not be utterly indestructible at Sony, and a source predicts he’ll leave soon, too.

While this news is breaking from Highlight Hollywood, the source believes that the “propaganda machine” will deny that Young is out.

Meanwhile, Victor Newman actor, Eric Braeden, took to Twitter again, to let the world know how he feels about all the veteran actors leaving and new, unconnected characters who appeared to take their places with no disrespect to the actors who portray the characters. Specifically, the soap vet does not appreciate that the Rosales family came in and Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) replaced Paul at the Genoa City Police Department. While some people called him a racist, Braeden clapped back at them with no holds barred.

He tweeted, “I have NEVER gone after ANY actor! THAT’s NOT THE POINT AT ALL!!! If they are unrelated characters and replace old fan favorite characters, THAT IS MY OBJECTION, GET IT??”

The Mustache actor continued, “To those who are dying to start sh*t with me, go for it!! But don’t you dare accuse me of “racist” attitude when I have spent my lifetime going against that evil, looong before it was ‘politically correct!’I am, however, against arbitrary intros of characters!!”

While it remains to be seen if Young does leave his position at Y&R, one thing is sure — Braeden has been quite outspoken about his displeasure at the way the show has gone this past year. Too many beloved characters are no longer on the canvas, and he echoes how many fans feel about the direction in which Young has taken the show.