‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: JaSam Reunion Is On Danny’s Christmas Wish List

Danny has a certain Christmas wish this year.

General Hospital's Jason and Sam
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC Press

Danny has a certain Christmas wish this year.

General Hospital has been teasing a possible JaSam reunion for months now and it may finally be happening very soon. A new preview for Monday’s episode looks quite promising as Jason and Sam get closer than ever, thanks to their son Danny.

It’s Christmastime in Port Charles and that means there is likely a focus on everyone taking their turn at donating toys again this year. Jason is with Sam and Danny at General Hospital as seen in the new promo clip posted on ABC. They are bringing some toys to donate. Danny is excited at the thought of visiting with Santa very soon. However, he seems to be even more excited about being together as a family.

Danny asks his mom if Jason can come along on their trek to visit with old St. Nick. He excitedly asks when they could go. Once Sam says that she and his dad will talk about it later when they get home, he smartly asks if Jason is going home with them. As soon as they both quietly said yes, Danny couldn’t contain his excitement.

“Best day ever! I wish it could always be like this,” Danny says as he grabs both Sam and Jason’s hands.

It looks like this may just be what the little guy will ask Santa to bring him this year. Being back together as a family may just come before anything else for Danny, and for Jason and Sam. Will this be the week when JaSam will finally be officially reunited?

There is usually something that happens once it looks like that they are getting close, so this may just be yet another teaser that General Hospital has laid out for the JaSam fans to chew on. Many viewers are getting tired of seeing those two make googly eyes at each other whenever they are together. They are ready to actually see it happen.

General Hospital spoilers say that Sam will catch Jason up on the newspaper clipping and fill him in on the investigation so far. He is expected to help her find out who sent it to her and why. Needless to say, Sam will be on edge until they figure out what is going on. It seems her past may have caught up with her.

JaSam fans are more than ready to see their favorite couple back together again. Sam has been on her journey to figure out what she really wants. It’s pretty obvious that it’s Jason she wants these days. It may be that Jason, Sam, and Danny will get the best Christmas gift ever.

Catch General Hospital this week to see if the JaSam reunion really happens this time. Also, be sure to check back for more spoilers and news on your favorite soap.