‘Survivor’ 37 Castaway Christian Hubicki Believed He Had A Great Chance Of Winning

Christian Hubicki believes he could have won if he had made it to the end.

Christian Hubicki competes on SURVIVOR: David vs. Goliath
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Christian Hubicki believes he could have won if he had made it to the end.

Just like about every other episode this season has been, Survivor Season 37, Episode 13 titled, “Are You Feeling Lucky?” left fans sitting on the edge of their seats right down to that final vote. Unfortunately, it was fan-favorite Christian Hubicki that the tribe voted to evict in this week’s episode.

Speaking with She Knows following the airing of his eviction episode, Christian opened up about believing the tribe made the right decision in evicting him because he was positioned in a very good place and could have potentially won the game had he made it to the end.

“I think I had a very good chance. Here’s the way I see it. I had been targeted at the final 13, final 12, final 11, immune at 10, targeted at eight and targeted at seven. If I get all the way to the end after that, I think it would be hard for any jury to say, ‘Christian, you avoided losing all that time. Guess what? You lose anyway.’ That’d be a hard thing for them to do,” Christian opened up, as he explained why he believed he had a great chance at winning the game.

Hubicki firmly believes that if he had made it to the end of the game, he had a strong argument as to why he should win. Moreover, he believed the jury would have had a hard time justifying voting for anyone other than him as the winner of Survivor 37.

Jeff Probst extinguishes Christian Hubicki's torch at Tribal Council on the thirteenth episode of SURVIVOR
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Since the merge, Christian had a target on his back as the Goliath tribe had deemed him as the most threatening member of the David tribe. They believed he was the head of the Davids and if they took him out, they would have had nothing to worry about.

Using his charm, his wit, his alliances, and a collection of well-timed powers, Christian was able to evade eviction for several weeks in a row.

Running out of idols, powers, and alliance members, his last chance was winning the immunity challenge. When that didn’t work out for him, and Davie made the decision to use his hidden idol on himself, Christian became a sitting duck.

As far as who Christian would have liked to make it to the end with, he told She Knows it really didn’t matter to him. While this was partly because he was so sure of his chances of winning regardless, it was also because he would have just been so proud of himself for making it to the end while being such a huge target that he wouldn’t have cared who was sitting beside him.

As the game progressed, Christian also didn’t have too many allies left in his corner to work on getting to the end with.

While Christian’s chances of winning are gone, fans anxiously wait for the season finale next week to find out who will be crowned the winner of Survivor: David vs. Goliath.