‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cam Buys Weed For Oscar, But Gets Himself In Hot Water Instead

Cam tries to help Oscar and Joss.

General Hospital couple Oscar and Joss
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC Press

Cam tries to help Oscar and Joss.

Oscar Nero is fighting for his life on ABC’s General Hospital. He is getting an experimental treatment that has him feeling terrible. He has his family and Joss right by his side, but there is another person who wants to help as well. Cameron is feeling left out. He had put himself right in the middle of Oscar’s health battle and his relationship with Joss. Now he is on the outside looking in. But he may have found a way to help his friend, and possibly impress the girl he has fallen for.

As seen at the end of Thursday’s General Hospital, Cam sent off a text to Trina. She is a friend of Joss who likes to get into trouble. She is apparently dating a guy who sells pot on the street and Cam is eager to get his hands on some. Soap Central spoilers tease that Cam has second thoughts. He may just try to back out once he meets with Trina’s boyfriend or wonders if this is something he should do in the first place.

Cam went to Julian to ask if he could have Oscar’s job temporarily until he is back on his feet. He thought he was helping his friends, but Julian quickly turned him down saying that he was holding the job for Oscar anyway. He then ran into Joss at Charlie’s Pub where they talked about Oscar not eating. Cam suggested medical marijuana, which is supposed to help with that. Seeing that Joss was upset by how sick Oscar is from the treatment, he decided to see if he could get his hands on some to help them out.

Of course, he is trying to help Oscar feel better, but he is also out to impress Joss. General Hospital fans are hoping that Joss sees the light and chooses Cam over Oscar. That won’t happen anytime soon, at least until her boyfriend is back on his feet. That is if he makes it through.

There are rumors that Cameron will get busted. More spoilers for next week says that Liz is furious about something. Cam getting arrested for the pot could very well be the cause. However, General Hospital previews indicate that Cam may just be making a special treat for Oscar in the form of brownies. That could possibly cause all sorts of problems considering that Cam has two younger brothers in the house, not to mention Franco who also loves sweets.

One way or the other, this boy will most likely find himself in hot water over this. Stay tuned to General Hospital to see if Cameron gets into major trouble for trying to help Oscar and Joss.