‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Obrecht Has Baby Secrets Hidden That Will Impact Many Lives If Revealed

What will Obrecht do with the information she holds?

Dr. O and Finn on the 'General Hospital' set.
Rick Rowell / ABC Press

What will Obrecht do with the information she holds?

Liesl Obrecht is back in Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that she has a secret. Actually, she has two secrets. She has been brought in by Anna and Finn from Cuba — providing false information that her daughter, Britt, was very sick. The doctor is now at the PCPD in custody, awaiting her fate for kidnapping and torturing Peter August. However, there may just be a flicker of hope for her in the form of Valentin Cassadine.

At the end of Tuesday’s General Hospital, Valentin got an unexpected call from Dr. O. She got wind of Nina’s long lost daughter being reunited with her mother — and she lit up like a Christmas tree. She quickly dialed into the situation by contacting the one person who could very well get her out of the pickle she finds herself in. Spoilers by SheKnows Soaps teases that Nina will be encouraged to give Valentin another chance. Sasha, who is planning on leaving town, is the one who gives her “mother” this piece of advice. However, Obrecht could just blow that reunion out of the water.

It is curious that she seems to know that there is no way that Nina’s daughter could be in town. Is it because she knows that Nina’s child didn’t survive after all? There is also the possibility that Obrecht was in on the whole Sasha fiasco in the first place. Now, it appears that she may try to bargain with Valentin — her silence for her freedom.

There is plenty of speculation on who Nina’s daughter really is, ever since it was revealed that Sasha is a fake. The majority of General Hospital fans are convinced that Willow Tate is her daughter. She and Nina have not gotten off to a good start, so this could be a rocky reunion if the previous line of thinking turns out to be true.

Another secret that Liesl Obrecht is involved in, even if she doesn’t know it yet, is another baby drama. She is the one who delivered Michael and Nelle’s baby in the woods, so she knows that Jonah didn’t die at birth. In fact, she is the only one, besides Nelle and Brad, who could give Michael what he wants most for Christmas — baby Jonah. He thinks his newborn son died, but he is alive, and is living with Brad and Lucas.

There is a good possibility that Obrecht will somehow hear that Nelle lost the baby at birth, but she knows that is not true. She holds the key to Michael getting his son back.

These two secrets, if revealed, could impact many lives in Port Charles. Keep watching General Hospital to see if Liesl will spill the beans on both secrets.