Brayden Denton: 5-Year-Old Child Who Died From Cancer Gets Touching 'Superhero' Funeral

Asher Bayot

Brayden Denton, a five-year-old boy from Newtown, Indiana who passed away recently after a long struggle with cancer, received a superhero themed funeral organized by his mother, Staci Denton.

Staci, whose son died from a brain tumor earlier this month, decided it would be fitting to provide a superhero comic-themed funeral for Brayden, who was known to have passionately enjoyed superheroes like Superman and Spiderman.

According to the mother, Brayden was a huge Spider-man fan.

"He had to quit just liking Spider-Man because he had all the toys. So really he liked every superhero."

The photo was posted on Reddit earlier today by user FunnyScreenName and gained more than 1000 upvotes. Redditors posted condolences for Brayden's family and expressed their heartfelt sympathies. Redditor Skulljjj wrote:

"As a father that has lost a child to cancer, I can honestly say it is the worst thing that can happen... Imagine the worst pain in the world... X 1000!!! Yeah life goes on but not a day goes by that I don't think of him, and this will go on for the rest of my life!!! Braden lived the next county over from me and it was great to see such a great tribute for a strong child!!! Rest on Lil man"

He recalled to WLFI the time he and little Brayden watched the Superman movie while the young boy dressed himself as the Man of Steel. Cory had also watched a couple of other superhero movies with Brayden.

"We went to the Superman movie with him and he was dressed up as Superman. I watched all the Ironman [movies] with him."
"He's always here with me, and I'll always watch [superhero movies] with him because he is always with me."

Believing that a superhero funeral would be what little Brayden would have wanted, Staci organized the unique funeral where the child's favorite heroes got to say goodbye.

Brayden Denton's tumor is being donated by his mother to scientific organizations for medical research.

[Images from Staci and Cory Denton]