What This Tough Russian Biker Does For A Frail, Old Man Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity [Video]

Asher Bayot

With all the terrible news we read on the internet every day, it simply becomes harder and harder to believe that there are still good Samaritans out there willing to lend a helping hand to those who desperately need them. Thankfully, kind people still exist, and sometimes, they are in the form of someone you'd least expect to offer help.

One of them is this tough-looking biker from Russia, whose surprising acts of altruism will simply melt your heart:

One of the first places to recognize the video was Reddit, where users immediately wrote their praises for the biker's amazing acts. User hendrix_friendrix wrote:

"This made me happy. This is what I want to see in a society!"

Another Redditor, BenIrwinG, simply wrote:

"What a guy!"
"In Ukraine and Russia elderly are respect like no other. If you see an older person on the subway, you have to get up for them. If you don't you will be told to get up by some one. Source? Me living in Ukraine for 15 years."
"With these videos it's always kinda hard to know if he did it out of passion or just because he was filming. I mean, he did put it online so it wasn't completely selfless no matter what way you look at it."
"Look for the helpers.You will always find people who are helping"

[Image is YouTube screenshot]