Tom Brady Shares Why Boxing Isn't His Sport, Despite Earning $7M Less Than Canelo Alvarez

Tom Brady
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Ernesto Cova

Tom Brady is a man of many talents. However, he's mostly known for being one of the greatest football players of all time.

Still, like many athletes, Brady also enjoys playing different sports, playing baseball in high school, hitting the golf course quite often, and even hooping in the Bahamas with Michael Jordan himself.

Notably, Brady was also passionate about boxing and even considered pursuing a career when he was young.

Brady Loved Boxing

Brady discussed that with Jim Gray on the Let's Go! podcast, telling the story of how his dad got him into boxing at a very young age:

“There’s a reason boxing wasn’t my sport. You know, my dad was a hell of a boxer," Brady said. "We loved boxing, and he taught me about boxing. I was young, so I’ve always been a fan, and the physical element of boxing. I love the discipline it takes.”

It Wasn't For Him

Eventually, Tom realized that it wasn't the sport for him. And as much as he loves contact in football, he would much rather watch other people fight instead of doing the punching himself, even though Canelo Alvarez just topped him in the Forbes' list of wealthiest athletes:

“You know, this sport wasn’t for me. I love watching other people knock other people out because that’s the sport. It’s pretty tough to choose someone, but I think that was to choose one person. I think it would really be Brutus Buckeye," Brady joked. "The Ohio State mascot. He knows what he did.”

Time Took A Toll On Him

Brady's not getting any younger. Time has taken a toll on him and he can tell the morning after every single game:

"Holy s**t, there were a few hits," Brady said. "And you go: 'OK, how much longer do I want to make this commitment?' And I obviously made the commitment for this year and everything's going to be continuously evaluated all these different aspects at play."

The Last Dance

All signs point towards this being Brady's final season in the NFL. He had already retired in the offseason before padding up again just a month later.

That decision reportedly took a big toll on his marriage, and he just doesn't look happy out there. So, as much as we'd love to have him on the gridiron for another five or six years, all things come to an end, and Brady's career is no exception.