'I'm Getting Fired!': Worker Gets An Official Warning While Filming Dance Video

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A TikTok user Eddie Miranda (@thiskidd5795) mistakenly recorded his query video while dancing to Jordin Spark's One Step at a Time on his way to work. He noticed the manager coming to write him up only after he'd ended his video.

The two scenarios aren't related and it was pure coincidence, but the video has gone viral on TikTok with over 226,700 views for the sheer irony. Of course, the comments are buzzing with diverse views from people sympathizing with the TikToker to others siding with the manager.

Keep reading to watch the clip and read the comments.

Who's Getting Fired?

Miranda who works in sales was on his way to work when he stopped for a short dance. Unknown to him, his manager was waiting for him to enter the store to give him his query.

He captioned the video saying,

"Yooo, I'm getting fired. Peep my manager in the back. He's on his way to write me up. I ain't know he was there..."

Replies are polarized between sympathy and judgment and you can read some of them below.

Supportive Comments

One user said,

"Worth the write up. Can't put a cap on vibes."

He replied,

"Never letting anyone ruin the vibe."

Another commenter asked if Miranda made it a habit to make TikToks on company time, while one person noted the manager's body language didn't suggest he was coming towards Miranda. They wrote,

"Man was just minding his own business bro. He looked like he forgot something in the office."

A user asked for an update saying.

"We want to know what happened."

Miranda replied saying,

"I'm still employed (:"

Non-Supportive Comments

The sad emoji suggests Miranda purposely stalled his resumption to get a dismissal but got a query instead. Some commenters called him out on his purported tardiness saying,

"Haha! I love it! Keep Dancing just not on the clock lol. Glad to hear you didn't get fired." "Should be working instead of making videos."

"Gen Z dumb af," one user chastised to which he corrected, "Actually Millennial."

Another user wrote,

"I hate these thirsts getting vids. He wasn't even paying attention."

All's Well That Ends Well

One commenter really went in on Miranda saying,

"You probably didn't get written up or fired for dancing, but for your ignorance. 'I ain't know he was there?' Are you still in 1st grade?"

Clearly, Miranda's little joke didn't sit well with everyone but we're glad he still has his job.