Katherine Webb Flaunts 'Thriving' Body In Bikini

Close up of Katherine Webb=-McCaron
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Chisom Ndianefo

Former model Katherine Webb-McCarron took time to celebrate herself even though she wasn't celebrating her birthday. She shared a new picture showing her body in a bikini for the first time in a long while. The 33-year-old mother of three realized it was an excellent time to appreciate herself last month and took to Instagram to do it.

Webb-McCarron noted she's thriving in all areas of her life and used it as a caption, saying, "33 and Thriving."

33 And Thriving

The retired model wore a black bikini with a crisscross waist string on the triangle top and matching bottoms. Her bikini top showed her cleavage while the strings accentuated her defined obliques.

Katherine wrapped her blonde hair in a loose chignon while wearing sunglasses and light jewelry pieces - a thin chain necklace and hoop earrings.

A toy convertible car is laid in the background as a subtle reminder that she's a mother to little children.

Back To School Season

The ex-beauty queen shared a short slide of her boys, Tripp, Gunnar, and Cash, as they prepared to return to school for a new session. The older boys, Tripp, and Cash, looked sharp in their school uniforms, wearing plaid shorts, a navy short-sleeved shirt, and white shoes paired with short socks.

They looked excited to resume their studies, while Gunnar looked different in his casual clothes. The toddler wore a bright smile regardless, and he looked cute in his red shorts, white printed shirt, and black sneakers.

Welcoming Gunnar To The Fold

Webb-McCarron conceived Gunnar in 2020 during the pandemic and had a tough third trimester but overall healthy pregnancy. She shared the good news on her Instagram page alongside some updates on her journey.

Despite exceeding the typical weight gain, she remained positive, and it paid off as she returned to her desired physique a year after her birthday Gunnar. She welcomed the baby on April 21, 2021.

All's Going Well With The McCarrons

Cash and Tripp took an immediate likeness to their sibling and included him in their group games. From playing dress-up in superhero costumes to recreating intimate family moments, it's all love in the McCarron household.

AJ couldn't be prouder if he tried and expressed his pride by saying,

"STATE CHAMPS!!!! The amount of work you've put in over the past year & to see you grow as a player has been unreal! So proud of you & your Friends/Teammates!! Westside 5U All-Stars Record through 4 tournaments 18-0! Awesome!!"

6-years-old Trip is following in his father's footsteps as he earned a third Little League championship ring last summer.