Sweet Couple Simone Biles And Jonathan Owen Stun In Matching Outfits

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens are so sweet
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Love-struck athletes! One of the hottest couples in sports right now is Simone Biles and her fiancé Jonathan Owens.

The Olympic gymnast and NFL Houston Texans player have been dating for over two years. Despite only meeting for the first time in 2020, they seem to have known each other forever.

On February 14, 2022, the adorable pair got engaged. Since then, the decorated gymnast has been affectionately giving shout-outs to her lover on her social media accounts. 

Keep scrolling to see their sweetest moments since their engagement. 

Stunning In Matching Outfits

Simone posted a sweet photo of herself and Jonathan twinning on her Instagram. She made the post right after Jonathan got down on one knee.

The duo was photographed wearing black pants and a boxed white and brown jacket. Simone wore a black tank top underneath the jacket that was half open. She matched her outfit with white Adidas sneakers. Meanwhile, her beau wore a black suede dress shoe and the same jacket as Simone though it was fully fastened.

Simone added the caption, "Guess who picked the outfits?" alongside a brown and white heart emoji.

Praises From Fans 

Simone Biles is happiest with Jonathan Owens around
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Thousands of fans took to the post's comment section to complement the couple on their love and choice of outfit.

"Oh! My. I love the outfit and the couple in them!" gushed one fan. 

"So happy you two are happy. Great pics, beautiful couple," wrote another fan. 

"You are looking so cute Simone!! Hair on point, eyebrows sharp! I am super happy that you are happy with Jowen", commented another fan. 

Becoming Mrs. Owens 

Simone is almost hundred percent ready to tie the knot! On May 30, 2022, the 25-year-old gold medallist shared an exciting wedding update with her fiancé Jonathan on her Instagram.

"One step closer to becoming Mrs. Owens," Simone captioned a sweet pic of herself and Jonathan sharing a kiss on the beach, with the blue sky serving as their backdrop.

Simone revealed that she and Jonathan had chosen a date for their wedding and reserved a location using green check mark emojis.

Welcoming Football Season With A Kiss

Football season has officially kicked off, and Simone decided to welcome Jonathan to it grandly. On July 31, 2022, the gymnast shared a sweet photo of herself and her fiancé, sharing a kiss on a football field while sporting similar athletic attire.

Simone wore a black sleeveless tank top and a white button-down shirt over her shoulders. She matched it with white sneakers, a black fanny pack across her chest, and a set of dark rectangular sunglasses. The only jewelry displayed was her diamond engagement ring and a pair of tiny gold studs. However, the fancy iPhone case she held in her left hand could easily have been mistaken for jewelry.

On the other hand, Jonathan sported his team's gear; a white jersey with the red number 36 embroidered on the front and black shorts. He placed one arm around his fiancée's back and held a helmet in the other. She captioned the photo, "Football is back."

Simone will undoubtedly share more cute photos of her beau as their wedding day draws closer.