Kelly Clarkson And Valerie Bertinelli Share Their Tips For Staying Positive About Your Body

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Ashabi Azeez

Kelly Clarkson And Valerie Bertinelli are A-listers known for being open and real about societies issues in Hollywood and society as a whole. Bertinelli recently showed up on The Kelly Clarkson Show where they addressed a lot of topics, including body image, and expressed how they felt about it. 

Tackling Body Image Issues

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Over the years, Bertinelli has been open about how she struggles with weight. The Food Network star also wrote about her experience with crash dieting in her memoir, Enough AlreadyShe shared with Kelly, "I learned at a young age that gaining weight was unlovable… so I'm still trying to purge that out of my system because that's not true. It's just a lie.". Kelly agreed to this and also talked about having similar struggles.

Prevention reports that the singer shared that she was able to quickly stop herself from thinking that way at a young age and was just like "Whatever, I'm not gonna please anyone." The actor admired Kelly's strength in being able to break free from the biased teaching when she was young. Kelly was able to break free before she won American Idol at age 20 and got into the music Industry. 

Blocking Off Negative Talks

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The celebrities also talked about blocking negative talks and admitted to not giving themselves equal treatment always. The Since You Been Gone singer shared the advice she got in 2022, and it was "treat yourself how you treat others." She talked about how they were often kind to others more than to themselves.

Bertinelli also agreed to this and talked about being done judging herself. "I'm done with all the negative talks that I give myself because there's enough negative talk out there." The actress explained instead she was "changing the perspective, and changing the view, and the narrative". 

The Effect Of Weight On Mental Health

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The 62-year-old actress has been open about the effect of her mental health and how it relates to her weight. She shared more details on the connection between the two amid her divorce from Tom Vitale. During an appearance on Today with Hoda and Jenna, Bertinelli shared how her weight was protecting her mind.

According to Prevention, she further talked about how she has been trying not to judge herself "because I know that I'm still holding onto this weight because it's protecting me because I'm going through a lot of challenges." The mother-of-one explained that although she was going through a lot, she was getting better, "When I get healthier internally and emotionally… the weight will come off." 

Bertinelli Shared What She Learned From Her Recent Divorce

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The American actress got married to Tom Vitale in 2011 after her former husband, Eddie Van Halen, died of throat cancer in 2020. She shared what she learned from her recent divorce, saying, "I'm stronger than I think I am, I'm emotionally stronger than I think, and I deserve better than I think I do." She ended the interview by sharing how she gets through "dark" times through gratitude and starts every day by being thankful for the life she has.