NFL Rumors: Cowboys Could Be Interested In A Wide Reciever

Dallas Cowboys
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Jon Conahan

The 2021-2022 NFL season for the Dallas Cowboys ended in another disappointing way as the Cowboys were eliminated early in the NFL Playoffs. With the off-season nearly being over, the Cowboys didn't make too many big moves this year.

Dallas went out and made a few small moves that are going to help their team, but they didn't do anything too crazy. This was surprising for a few different reasons, but most importantly because of all the cap space that they have.

The Cowboys Reportedly Have $20-plus Million In Available Cap Space

Dallas Cowboys
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With all of the cap space that Dallas has, it is interesting why they didn't go out and make some moves. For a team that has had many disappointing endings in the past decade, there are clearly ways that they can get better and they simply didn't do that.

Recent reports are now suggesting that Dallas might look to add a veteran WR either sometime in the coming weeks or sometime during the season. They are using the extra cap space to make sure that they have some money around in case of an injury.

There Aren't Many WRs Out There Anymore

Dallas Cowboys
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Because the off-season has been fully underway for a few months now, there aren't many options that the Cowboys have There are still a few guys out there such as Will Fuller, DeSean Jackson, and others, but no one that's really going to come in and be a big get for the Cowboys.

Above Average Wide Reciever Core Right Now

Dallas Cowboys
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Fortunately for the Dallas Cowboys, their wide receiver core right now should be in good hands. CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup, and others should be able to have elite years for the Cowboys next to star quarterback Dak Prescott.

Dak has had his struggles for parts throughout his career but looked great a year ago. He ended up having a 68.8% completion percentage with 4,449 yards and 37 touchdowns. He threw 10 interceptions, but that was down compared to most of his previous years.

Cowboys Need To Get Over Playoff Hump

Dallas Cowboys
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If the Dallas Cowboys are going to be the team that they are hoping to be, they should probably go out and make some moves with their added cap space. Dallas has a few guys they can add, but making sure to add players that can come and make an immediate impact should be at the top of the Cowboys' list.