Ella Purnell In Bikini Enjoys Poolside 'Dranks'

Close up of Ella Purnell
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Yellowstone actress Ella Purnell is in full summer spirit as she lounges by pools and enjoys cold desserts on the streets of L.A. The 25-year-old actress who attended her first-ever Coachella festival this year returned to L.A. to continue working after enjoying the early days of 2022 in Barbados. She shared her Summer moments with over half a million followers on Instagram, which you can see below.

Enjoying A Poolside Drink

Ella Purnell close up
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Purnell wore a cobalt bikini for her poolside relaxation while she hilariously drank Pepto Bismol. She covered her hair with a raffia hat and wore dark lens sunglasses. The actress crossed her toned, long legs revealing the scorpion tattoo on her right thigh while her toned abs stood out in her low-waist bikini bottom. Purnell by the poolside on a lounger and underneath a black and white striped umbrella.

Chips Or Fries?

The actress enjoyed a snack of chips (or French Fries) wearing a leopard print bikini with a front tie top and matching bottoms highlighting her curves and flat abs. She tied her short blonde hair in a double half-bun, leaving bangs in front and bob at the back.

Purnell shared her excitement about Netflix's Geeked Week because she's part of the animated series, Arcane. She also said that Stranger Things Season 4 is her most anticipated release of the queue.

A California Summer

Purnell is enjoying her summer in L.A., California, the beach girl way - with a cone of ice cream. The actress posted a picture of herself licking ice cream on a hot day in a fancy casual outfit.

She wore a checkered black and white cropped top with baggy jean pants showing her abs and her oversized white jacket tied on her waist. She also wore her now brown hair in a messy bun and propped her sunglasses on it.

Winning Awards For Arcane

Jinx on Arcane
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Purnell won an Annie Award for Best Voice Acting in TV/Media last month for her role in Arcane. She shared her excitement via Instagram saying she loved the show, the character, and the cast and crew that made it happen. She wrote,

"I’m definitely still in shock, and most DEFINITELY will forever be in complete awe of all the incredible, talented, hardworking people who made this show and this character happen. I am just so grateful that I got to be any kind of part of it, let alone this. I am so lucky."