'My Head Is The Size Of A Tiny Edamame Bean': Megan Fox Shares New Hairstyle

Megan Fox
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Ashabi Azeez

Megan Fox is a famous actress and model who is also known for her fascinating looks. Her radiant face and flawless skin have given her a slew of fans all over the country. In a recently shared picture, the model made a different fashion move with her hair which she had not tried before. 

'Baby Steps'

Megan Fox
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The 36-year-old actress sizzled on Instagram with a recent sensational picture, looking sultry and enchanting. She rocked a blue top with a plunging neckline and feather details on the collar and hands with a sultry sparkling high waist see-through skirt. The Hope and Faith star looked ravishing, pairing her outfit with silver heels and matching earrings. Fox made a daring fashion move by changing her hair game.

In the picture, some of the model's hair was packed up in a bun, and some were left to fall on the sides of her face. Her eyes looked magical as ever, and the makeup was on fleek. In the caption of the post, she talked about taking "Baby steps" by wearing her hair up. 

"This look was from a couple of weeks ago when I was doing Good Mourning press… I never wear my hair up because my head is the size of a tiny edamame bean but this happened and we’re all okay. Baby steps."


Enchanting Beauty

Megan Fox
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Many fans have been enchanted by Megan's beauty over the years. She flawlessly slew in every outfit. In another Instagram post, the Transformer actress emitted perfect in-car selfies. She posed in a leopard print top with low-cut details, putting her sensational cleavage on display.

Megan wore her black hair down as it spread out all over her shoulders, bringing out the vibe of a divine being. Her long green and white nails blended perfectly with the green ring she wore. Fans could not get over this picture and showered it with love. 

Beauty Secrets

Megan Fox
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Many fans are curious about the beauty secret of the Hollywood diva, and it has finally been revealed. For her sultry look, the actress had a beauty regimen that mainly included thorough washing her face twice a day and moisturizing.

The beauty goddess was not into sunscreen lotions because her skin is sensitive to chemicals. Instead, she made use of hats or SPF30 High Protection Fluide Extreme Sunscreen. For her enchanting cat eyes, she made use of Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum and also engaged in weekly oxygen facials. 

Fitness And Diet

Megan Fox
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Fox's fitness routine included a 45-minutes circuit training session. She does exercises like lateral plank, crunches, swiss ball, and hyperextensions. Then moves on to pilates, weight lifting, and cardio workouts. The model followed a 5-Factor Diet Plan, which included fruits, vegetables, protein, as well as other things, but she steered clear of grains.