Elizabeth Hurley Stuns In Gorgeous Green Dress

Elizabeth Hurley
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Triston Brewer

The British actress flaunts her curves and makes a stand for hot women over the age of 50 in the process!

Elizabeth Hurley Looks Ethereal in Dreamy Green Gown

Elizabeth Hurley managed to look so glamorous in a sparkling evening gown with a slit that was well up her very toned thigh!

The 56-year-old businesswoman was sure to leave a little to no imagination to her 2.3 million Instagram followers after sharing a photo sparkling, dreamy green gown featuring an asymmetric neckline and the aforementioned daring thigh split.

The star looked stunning in the photo, and fans were ready to comment. Always true to her fashionista roots, Hurley proved yet again why she has remained one of the best-dressed women in entertainment for well over two decades.

Hurley Has A Few Memorable Screen Roles In Her Resume

Elizabeth Hurley
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The English actress and model is famous for her role as Vanessa Kensington in Austin Powers, a hit spy comedy with Mike Myers, and for playing the Devil in Bedazzled with co-star Brendan Fraser.

The British model has always been in the limelight for good and bad reasons, yet she keeps an even keel about it all and never seems to take herself too seriously; a trait that resonates with her core fans. Since then, the undisputed queen of the 90s is still active in the filming industry and can be seen on television shows regularly on both sides of the Atlantic.

Liz Hurley Treats Her Body As Kindly As Possible

Elizabeth Hurley
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The beauty icon prefers to break a sweat while doing house chores than going to the gym, which explains why she can maintain a healthy and fit body at 56. The mother of one is also known for spending lots of time with her son, and she considers this all a part of the process of maintaining a healthy work and life balance.

She focuses on mental health by minimizing her screen time and enjoying her time fully off. The swimsuit design prefers performing a little yoga, Pilates, stretching, and going for walks.

Liz Is Working On Some Upcoming Shows For Netflix

Elizabeth Hurley
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After starring as Queen Helena in The Royals in 2019, Elizabeth Hurley has maintained her career as an active actress. The popular actress will be featured in the upcoming CBS comedy, currently an untitled project, playing the mother of new girls, Hannah Simone. She will also be filming a sequel for the 2021 Netflix holiday movie Father Christmas Is Back.