Mandy Rose In Bikini Flaunts Tantalizing 'Views'

Mandy Rose
Wikimedia | Soma107

Ashabi Azeez

American pro wrestler Mandy Rose shared tantalizing beach views with her 3.2 million Instagram fans. This was uploaded during one of her relaxation beach trips. She made sure to give her fans a view of her enticing bikini choice as well as the serene background. 

Tantalizing 'Views'

Mandy rose in the ring
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The WWE superstar tried to carry her fans along with her on this beautiful beach trip. She uploaded images dressed in a stunning neon green bikini which held firmly onto her figure, enlightening her shape. Her hair was packed with a clip and left to fall swiftly to the backside. She stood barefoot on the beach, soaking up the sun rays shining lightly on her skin. Mandy captioned this post, "All about their views." The wrestler's gorgeous bikini body was not the only captivating view. The beach also created a serene background for her picture-perfect snap. 

Nice Glow


In another post, the 31-year-old wrestler shared photos of her glowing skin. The snaps featured a mirror selfie displaying her firm abs and buns. Wearing a yellow bralette and navy blue underwear, her taut abs were on full display. Fans could not contain this exciting view and shared their thoughts on her amazing physique. "Ab goals," a fan commented with fire emoji. Another commented, "You are indeed a ✨GLOW✨ yourself." 

Intense Training Schedule

Mandy Rose
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A lot of dedication goes into making it into the competitive world of WWE, and Mandy was up for it. She rose to the wrestling ranks from her NXT developmental days, and this required dedication. In an interview with Metro, she explained how her day was always filled with one activity or the other. She also shared her intense training schedule. The workout included strength and bodyweight moves, push-ups, squats, battle ropes, dumbbell presses, and kettlebells. All these were part of her five to six days of training workouts.

Reviewing Doughnuts With Tag-Team Player

Mandy Rose
Giphy | WWE

Mandy also admitted to trying to make sure her diet was "on point," which was a bit hard due to healthy food not always being available. She also mentioned a YouTube channel in which she and Sonya Deville, her tag-team partner, started to review doughnuts. They hunt for the best-glazed Doughnuts and give their reviews on their channel. This was to be relieved from the hectic training and gain more nutrients. Squeezing out time, she also launched her skincare line, Amarose, and released a workout app, FitWithMandy. WWE was her priority but building a brand was also a way of setting herself all over.