Eileen Gu Bares Abs In Bikini

Close up of Eileen Gu smiling
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After months of no bikini content from Olympic skiing Gold-medalist Eileen Gu, the 18-year-old finally shared new snaps with her followers showing her week at the Miami Grand Prix. Before her post, enthusiastic fans shared old photos of the athlete from last summer in anticipation of the new season alongside captions talking about how much they miss her beach content.

Luckily, they didn't have to wait for long as she graced them with more than enough posts to last the next month or two.

Check out the snap below.

Repping LV And Red Bull At The Miami Grand Prix

Gu represented Louis Vuitton in her customized jersey and Red Bull with her face cap at the F1 Miami Grand Prix. She paired her sporty outfit with dark sunshades and white platform sole converse sneakers. Little did her 1.6 million followers know that a surprise waited for them in the subsequent slides.

Gu shared more pictures from her Summertime break showing herself lounging in a boat wearing a cutout marble swirl-print monokini. She stretched her long-toned legs, bared her defined abs, and shielded her eyes with one hand as the boat made its way to the sea.

Before getting onto the boat, Gu wore a pair of mini jeans short over her monokini and white Red Bull visor, making the perfect summer outfit.


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Riding A Small Wave

Once she got into the middle of the beach with her friends, Gu hopped on her surfboard for an exciting ride on the crashing waves. She wore a Red Bull life jacket as a safety precaution and steadied herself on the board as she trailed after the boat.

The last time Gu had a beach surfboard ride was last year before the Winter Olympics, and with the conclusion of the season for the year, the star is ready for the heat.

The Perfect Summer Fit

Gu embraced the casual style last weekend as she wore another Red Bull-inspired outfit for the first day of the Grand Prix. The athlete wore a cropped sports top with an opened button white shirt paired with white-framed sunshades, sneakers, and a blue Red Bull face cap.

Last Year In Hawaii

While she doesn't post much beach content, Gu enjoys swimming in the ocean, surfing, and jet-skiing, as indicated in her Instagram posts. It's also a bonus that she has an admirable physique to fit into her bathing suits like this mismatched set from her Hawaiian vacation.