'The Circle' Season 4, Week 3 Promises To Be Binge-Worthy

The Circle contestants from the trailer
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Triston Brewer

The Circle has viewers wanting more, and there are many questions that still need to be answered! Here are some clues to the upcoming episodes.

'The Circle' Is Already Off To The Races

The fourth season of the famous American reality series The Circle has had a spicy start! Luckily for the biggest and most faithful fans, things are only really getting started. Just two weeks into the competition, players are already breaking and making alliances, and there is always a new wildcard in the mix.

With all The Spice Girls' madness in the previous week's episodes, you may be thinking about when you will get to catch more season 4 episodes. Continue reading to find out where the mayhem and madness are veering!

Who Are The New Players In 'The Circle' This Season?

To add even more drama – and possibly intrigue – into the upcoming season, The Circle has added a couple of players that are sure to spice things up! There are two new players, Eversen, the party director of the cruise ship whose purpose is to bring some good vibes into the circle, and there is Imani, who's being played by Trevor, husband to DeLeesa season 2 winners.

How ‘The Circle’ Season 4 Week 2 Ended

Each player exposes a photo from another player's photo and pairs it with pointed questions. This is more or less the usual business as some players avoid the questions; there are some strong allegations and some good vibes. It is always interesting for viewers to see which players rally together and which ones attempt to divide and conquer. The intrigue is part of the competition that continues to draw in audiences because there is no way to foretell who will come out victorious.

How The Season 4 Schedule Is Shaping Up On Netflix

Like the previous seasons of The Circle, the series has 13 episodes. Netflix is releasing four episodes weekly for viewers to binge if they want. The next episodes of season 4 schedules are as follows:

May 18th: Episodes 9-12 at 3 a.m. ET and 12 a.m. PT

The finale for The Circle occurs on May 25th, which is the 13th episode of the season, and when we all get to see who came out on top and who crashed and burned.

The Circle season 4 episodes 1 to 8 are available for streaming on Netflix.