NFL Rumors: Seahawks Don't Want To Trade For Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield
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Ernesto Cova

The market for Baker Mayfield continues to get slimmer by the day. The former first-overall pick lost his starting spot for the Cleveland Browns, yet it doesn't seem like there's much interest in his services around the NFL.

Multiple QB-needy teams have already shut the door on him. And, while he acknowledged that the Seattle Seahawks were a potential destination, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Seahawks Won't Make Any Trades

Seattle Seahawks
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It's nothing personal against Mayfield, though. It's just that the Seahawks already have the team they want, according to HC Pete Carroll:

"I'm not saying anything you didn't think I was going to say, but fortunately that's always been the way we've operated, and it fits again," Carroll said. "So we're looking. (But) I don't see us making a trade for anybody at all. I don't see that happening."

They're High On Drew Lock

Drew Lock
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Moreover, Carroll is looking forward to working with Drew Lock. He's so high on him that they didn't even draft a QB because, per Carroll, none of them would've been better than him:

“I think he’d have been the first guy picked, of quarterbacks anyway. He’d have been the first guy in this draft. I don’t have any hesitation saying that,” Carroll said.

Lock Has A World-Class Arm, Says Carroll

Drew Lock
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Carroll went on to laud Lock's athletic traits and arm strength, stating that he can match up with Geno Smith's 'World-class arm' on any given day:

“The first look at Drew, he’s really athletic, he’s really a confident athlete, you can see he’s got a lot of body control, he’s got quick feet, he’s got a quick arm, he’s got various ways he can release the football as his body’s in different positions,” Carroll said. “He’s got a real knack there. He’s got a strong arm, he can throw the ball a mile down the field. He compares to Geno, and Geno Smith has a great arm. He has a world-class arm, and all that. To match up with that, that’s saying a lot.”

Carroll Is Happy With His QB Room

Pete Carroll
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Also, adding Mayfield wouldn't make any sense for Seattle, as Carroll loves what he's seen from Lock, Smith, and Jacob Eason:

“All three of our guys have great arms,” Carroll said. “They can rip the ball around the field. We’ve had a full week of seeing these guys out there. They’re really talented, arm talent-wise, so that’s there. They’re big, they’re sharp, they move well.”

The Seahawks look far from a contending team but at least it's nice to see that their HC has that much confidence in the roster: