Anna Kendrick In Bikini Takes A Dip in The Sea

Anna Kendrick
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Ashabi Azeez

Anna Kendrick knows how to have herself some fun. The actress and singer, who is well known for her role in Pitch Perfect, shared a photo of herself enjoying the cool waters on Instagram. Anna looked relaxed as she posed for the camera in a stylish swimsuit, and reveled in her beauty hour.

Anna's Beauty Hour

Anna Kendrick
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The Pitch Perfect actress was covered waist such that her bikini bottoms were hardly visible. However he star's upper body made for a stylish view as she donned a bandeau-styled strapless bikini top with knotted details on the boobs area. The Trolls star's raven curls were wet from her dice in the water, but she parted them at the middle and slicked the wet volume behind he ears. Anna kept her eyes away from the camera seemingly smiling and living her best life. She referred to the ocean in her caption:

"At the office."

Inside Her Love Life

Anna Kendrick
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Anna happens to be in a low-key relationship with her real boyfriend, Saturday Night Live Bill Hader. According to a January 2022 report by PEOPLE, the two have been dating quietly for over a year. "They met years ago. She hosted Saturday Night Live, and they've done a movie together, but they got together well after the movie," the source told PEOPLE. Anna and Bill both starred in the 2019 Christmas movie Noelle. The Pitch Perfect star has kept her private life and romantic relationships from the public eye for years, refusing to discuss her boyfriends in interviews and not posting them on social media either.

Why Bill Kept His Relationship Private

Bill Hader
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In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Barry star disclosed the real reason why he kept his relationship with Anna from the attention of the media. According to him, he has kept his dating life private because of the effect the media attention would have on his children. "They just want me to be their dad," the father-of-three said when asked to share more about his relationship. Interaction with the media is a significant aspect of the daily lives of celebrities, but when it comes to their personal relationships, most prefer to keep it private for various reasons. One of the reasons might be to shield their young children from overt attention and intimacy. 

Speculations On When They Met

In addition to working on Noelle together, Anna and Hader had also previously appeared on various late-night shows. They were on Saturday Night Live together and have made several appearances on the same award shows. There have been speculations that the two had met when Hader was finishing his divorce and Anna was leaving her relationship with Bill Richardson.