MLB News: Aaron Boone Addresses Josh Donaldson's Hot Streak

Aaron Boone
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The Josh Donaldson trade drew plenty of contrasting takes around Major League Baseball. For starters, the New York Yankees really needed to move on from Gary Sanchez, but trading for an injury-prone, aging player didn't seem like a good move.

So far, so good, as Donaldson is turning back the clock and playing some of the best baseball of his career.

Donaldson Is Red-Hot Right Now

Josh Donaldson
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Donaldson is currently riding a 10-game winning streak. More importantly, he's finding ways to get on base and help his teammates succeed on the field:

“What I love about it is he’s grinding right now and getting on base a ton,” Boone told the media. “Getting some big hits here and there. I think a sign of a great hitter, when you’re kind of grinding through it and you’re having this level of getting on base and mixing in your hits, when it clicks, he’s one of those guys who can carry you for stretches at a time.” 

He Made A Mistake But Boone's Got His Back

Josh Donaldson
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But as good as he's been, Donaldson was caught jogging to first base. That lack of effort cost the Yankees during a tough game they were barely able to win 1-0:

“I think anytime you get caught slowing down, you know right away,” Boone said. “There’s Donaldson probably took his eye off it for a second. With some of our guys, the gait is important and making sure we’re running with the right gait. But I think any time you make a mistake, usually you know it. Now and then you gotta say something. I have not said something yet.”

Judge Is Earning His Payday

Aaron Judge
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Besides Donaldson, Aaron Judge also deserves plenty of credit for the Yankees' great play this season. He's slashing .293/.356/.652 with nine dingers, an OPS of 1.009, and an absurd wRC+ of 197.

Judge turned down a contract extension from the Yankees and will become a free agent at the end of the season. He bet on himself and these numbers are proving him right.

Yankees Are Getting More Help

Domingo Germán
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If that wasn't enough, the Yankees are about to get even scarier. Start RP Domingo Germán is nearing a return and, barring a setback, it's just a matter of time before he takes the mound again:

“Threw all of his pitches in his bullpen last time,” Boone said. “Everything’s going well, according to plan. Not sure when his first live-action is. I’m sure it’s coming up soon.”

It's still way too early but the Yankees are playing like a legit World Series candidate and it seems like they'll only get better.